Collection: Phantom Limb

The 2014 collection of Limited Series works by Chris Roberts-Antieau
The Phantom Limb phenomenon exists in the minds of many amputees. It consists of the absolute sensation of all aspects of the missing appendage, from "reaching out" to hold an object, to itching an insect bite, to acute pain. I am fascinated by the mind's ability to create individual perception, and by the self-constructed belief system that creates that perception. We are what we believe we are. We see what we believe we see. We "know" what we believe we know. Therefore, what we believe becomes our reality.
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  • Owl
  • Deer Head
  • Wishbone
  • Phantom Limb
    Phantom Limb
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  • Albino
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  • The Death of James Brown (And The Tragic Aftermath)
    The Funeral Of James Brown
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  • The Death Of Jimmy Doyle
    The Death Of Jimmy Doyle